Monday, August 31, 2009

The Man Room

The Man Room

I just love old globes. You know the ones... the ones with the perfect blue/green color. It was a huge obsession for a long time. In my old house, we built a wall unit especially for them and a vintage map. It was perfect... then a few months later we moved. We moved to a bigger house so the girls could have their own room. In the new house the only thing my husband asked for was to have one room that he could decide what went in it. I think that's pretty fair considering he lets me make the rest of the house as girly as I want. We call it the "man room" . Here's what he wanted....a big t.v., leather reclining chairs, and a monkey drinking booze print hanging above the bar.! I think I can live with that.

The frame on the bar really isn't empty. It is a poem my youngest wrote me when she was six. I just adore it.

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  1. Men are strange creatures, aren't they? Well, one man room is much better than several, huh?